10 Days in Faroe islands

Many people on my Facebook page and  my Instagram account ask me to give advice on how to explore the Faroe Islands. So with this short article I’m going to explain how I would explore the Faroe Islands. If you are coming to the Faroe islands for the first time or the second time then […]

Faroe island salmon

Faroe Island salmon If you are addicted to salmon fishing, I cannot blame you. Well, there is a lot of excitement and a certain degree of satisfaction when fishing for salmon. Faroe island salmon veterans started doing it very early with their father or continued to fish for salmon if they had already started their […]

Where are the Faroe islands ?

Where are the Faroe islands? Where are the Faroe islands?They are located in the north of the Atlantic ocean; these 18 islands are noted for their rugged beauty, amazing scenery, varied wildlife and comfortable year-round climate, making them a haven for holidaymakers who enjoy getting out in the great outdoors on their getaways. The islands […]

Faroe Islands airport

Faroe Islands airport The Faroe Islands are a very distant and beautiful place. This picturesque piece hid far away in the ocean. But even though it is so far away, it remains one of the most attractive places in the whole world. Unfortunately, you can not get here by car or train. But there is […]

Top 10 Things To See And Do In Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Top 10 Things To See And Do In Tórshavn, Faroe Islands It’s likely that you’ve put together a checklist on your itinerary of adrenaline-fuelled adventures that you wish to fulfill. But there’s no better place to begin your incredible Faroe experience, than the quaint capital of the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn.   There’s so much to […]


RESIDE IN AFFORDABLE RENTALACCOMMODATION IN THE FAROE ISLANDS The Faroe Islands is just the perfect holiday destination for the entire family. Stunning sites and the spectacular scenery is something to look forward to. There is decent rental accommodation in the Faroe Islands to guarantee a smooth vacation right from the start. If visitors wish to […]

The Faroe Islands is a refuge for lovers

The Faroe Islands is a refuge for lovers Familiarity with the Faroe Islands is usually successful. You will not be able to take your eyes off the incredible species for a long time. It is very difficult for some people to make a choice of a place for their holidays. After all, vacation is not […]

Holiday In The Faroe Islands. Make A Booking Today

Holiday In The Faroe Islands. Make A Booking Today A holiday in the Faroe Islands is the perfect getaway for you if you like adventurous and unique breaks. Nestled between Norway and Iceland, Faroe Island is roughly two hundred miles from Scotland. A dream destination for many looking for a quiet and peaceful stay, this is […]

Holiday in the Faroe Islands – unforgettable moments

Holiday in the Faroe Islands – unforgettable moments Life Is made up of memories and that’s why we take pictures and record these special moments. To preserve the feelings they arouse in us. Going in holidays is one of this special moment whereby you might want to spend time alone or carry along your whole […]

Best hotel in the Faroe Islands. The Atlantic Swan and Atlantic Puffin

Best hotel in the Faroe Islands. The Atlantic Swan and Atlantic Puffin About halfway between Norway and Iceland and around two hundred miles of Scotland are the Faroe Islands. This is a beautiful and mesmerizing archipelago that spellbound you with its natural beauty and unmatched ecstasy of the Atlantic ocean. These islands are a famous tourist […]