Many people on my Facebook page and  my Instagram account ask me to give advice on how to explore the Faroe Islands. So with this short article I’m going to explain how I would explore the Faroe Islands.

If you are coming to the Faroe islands for the first time or the second time then this article is for you. Maybe you will see some winter picture in this article but I do suggest you to come between half May and half September. That’s because the days are much longer and you manage to see more places in one day.


When hiking in the Faroe islands, make you have good hiking shoes, waterproof and warm clothes, food and water.

Exploring Vágar island

So lets get in to it. You land on the island of Vágar (Airport island) you should stay at least 2 nights there. First things first, before you get out from the airport just rent a car from there. drive yourself to the place where you are staying.

Lets assume that you arrive in the evening and probably you are tired from traveling to get here and you don’t want to hike for hours. So my first destination would be Gásadalur to see the famous waterfall called (Múlafossur). It takes only a few minutes to arrive there. on the way to Gásadalur you should stop to the small village called Bøur. Just look at the  beautiful grass roof top houses with the beautiful view of Tindhólmur and Drangarnir islands in the distance.  Driving to Gásadslur you need to go trough a tunnel, you’ll see signs where the waterfall is. Park the car and walk for about 300 meters. Important that you close the gate when you go in so that the sheep don’t go out. After that you can enjoy the view and take as much pictures as you like 🙂


Day 1

Visiting Mykines island – Bird island & Trøllkonufingur – Witch’s finger

It is very important to book the ticket with the boat to Mykines island at least 2 weeks before you go to the island.

The ferry to Mykines leaves from The village called Sørvagur. When arriving to Mykines you need to go up the stairs, before you arrive to the small village you will find an information map with the spots to see. Make sure you follow the map. When reaching the puffins you need to be careful to not scare them away! Just walk normally and don’t go too close. Be careful also where you step, puffin nests are every where. Keep on walking and you’ll find a bridge, walk trough it and you will arrive on Mykineshólmur. Keep on following the path until you reach the lighthouse. Many people when reaching the lighthouse they stop to rest for a while before the go back to the village.

Be sure to arrive back to the village at least 1 hour before the ferry goes back. There are 2 coffee shops where you can buy something to eat, drink and of course rest. On the ride back to Sørvagur, take a look at the cliffs and the surrounding islands. It is so mesmerizing to watch. Now that you’re back to Sørvagur, drive to Sandavagur to see the Trøllkonufingur cliff.

Mykineshólmur lighthouse

Mykineshólmur Lighthouse at Sunset.

Trøllkonufingur — Witch’s finger

Near Sandavágur village, on Vágar island, there is an outlook from which you can see Trøllkonufingur, the Witch’s Finger. It is a free standing rock, although it is hard to see from the outlook that the rock is separate from the rest of the cliff. There is a path that you can walk so you can see this cliff better. Take a screen shot of google maps zoomed in the village and you’ll find the path. It is not a long hike just a couple of minutes.

Trøllkonufingur — Witch’s finger

Trøllkonufingur at sunrise.

Day 2

Sørvagsvatn (Leitisvatn) & Drangarnir, Tindhólmur island.

Drangarnir and Tindhólmur island is quite a long hike but it should be an easy one, because you just have to walk by the sea shore almost all the way!

Before reaching the lighthouse, there is a cliff, you need to walk up and away from the cliff. After climbing the hill you should see the lighthouse. When you reach the lighthouse you will see Drangarnir and Tindhólmur island in the distance. From there the path is more visible to reach the destination.

This hike takes about 5 hours in all. Important that you take food and water with you. Important that you go in good weather conditions if you are going for the first time. Or hire a  guide that knows the place.


Drangarnir, Faroe islands.

Sørvagsvatn (Leitisvatn)

There are 2 ways to hike this beautiful location. If you are driving from Sørvagur to Midvagur, there is a side road just before you reach the roundabout to the village Midvagur. Park the car there and start walking next to the lake. The second option is easier I think. You need to take a left when reaching the church of the village Midvagur if you are coming from the village Sandavagur. Drive up and turn right on the second road you find. I prefer the second option because they just made the path to Trælanípa. This hike takes about 1 hour to arrive to the edge (Trælanípa). Important, Always be careful were you step and enjoy the view. This cliff is 300 meter high.

Sørvagsvatn (Leitisvatn)

The Lake above the ocean. Sørvagsvatn,Leitisvatn,Faroe islands.

Day 3

Kirkjubour, Velbaðstaður, Nordadalur, Sornfelli, Saksun.

Time to move to the Capital city of the Faroe islands called Tórshavn. From here you can see most of the other islands by car. Driving to Tórshavn takes about 40 minutes from Vagar island. Check in to the hotel early morning around 9 – 10am, and go to the small village called Kirjubøur. It takes only 10 minutes drive from Tórshavn. In this small village you’ll find an old house full of historic items and how they use to live back in the day. One thing you will notice in this village is the houses, they are almost all painted black with red windows.


Kirkjubøur at Sunset


Before you go back to Tórshavn, go to the small village of Velbaðstaður, take a look at the houses and the view that this village has to offer. There are two islands infront of this village called Hestur and Koltur.


Velbastaður at Sunset


When you arrive to Tórshavn, you have to go to the next location Norðadalur. You do this by taking the mountain road called Oyygjarvegur. When arriving to the road of Norðadalur you should find a clear spot where you can park you’re car. This place is iconic to the Faroe islands because of the winding road and Koltur islands in the background.



Next up is Sornfelli. The road to sornfelli is a one lane road. You’re basicly are driving up a mountain. So be careful how you drive in the u-turns. (In winter if you see snow or the road is frozen, don’t try to drive, because you will get stuck) when reaching the parking area take a look at the amazing view of Vágar island. Tip – try to go up here at sunset as well. Maybe you will get lucky with an amazing red sky 🙂



It’s time to drive to Saksun. If you go straight to Saksun from Sornfelli, it should take you about 35 minutes. When you arrive to Saksun, the first thing you will notice is the small road that takes you to the church. Behind the church you will see a huge lake, waterfalls and mountains. Take the time to go down to the beach by driving to the other side of the village and start waking down the valley. You will reach the sand. Important – If you want to walk all the way out to the ocean, make sure that you check when the high tide starts, because you can get stuck out there or get really wet. It’s a nice walk and if you are lucky with the weather it can be even more nice. I kept Saksun last because it’s a big place and there is a lot to see so take the time to explore.


The cabin by the lake of Saksun

Day 4

Fossa, Tjornuvik, Eidiskard, Slættaratindur, Funningur, Gjogv.


Driving To Tjørnuvík from Tórshavn takes about 40 minutes. You can’t miss Fossá falls when you are on the way to Tjørnuvík and there is also space were you can park the car. There is a map that shows you from where you can hike to the second waterfall. Follow it to experience going behind the waterfall.


Fossá falls


When you arrive to the small village go check out the black sandy beach and take a look at the sea stacks (Risin and Kellingin). This beach is also the best beach for surfing. If you are interested in that then you know. It is the best beach for surfing for 2 main reasons.

1. It is a sandy beach with no rocks in the middle of the beach so you don’t need to be afraid of that.

2. There is a public toilet with heat to stay warm.


Tjørnuvík surf beach


Now we have to drive to the next location called Eidiskard. As you can imagine it is very close to the village called Eidi that is located very close to the sea stack Risin & Kellingin on Esturoy island. This is the same road to Slættaratindur our next destination. You will know when you reach Eidiskard when you see a small parking area and there is a big Binoculars to take a closer look at the sea stacks.

Risin & Kellingin

Risin & Kellingin at Sunset


Hiking the highest mountain, is not as hard as you think. The first part is a bit hard until you reach the path, from there it gets much easier. To reach the top it takes about 1 hour if you don’t stop many times and to go down again it takes about 40 minutes.


The view from the highest mountain Slættaratindur, Faroe islands.


Before starting going down the valley with the car, you’ll see a place where you can park the car. Just park it there and start walking towards the fjords. this hike takes only a few minutes. It can take longer if you want to hike all the way up the mountain but you don’t have to. The few is amazing from the common spot.

Funningur Fjord

Funningur Fjord


When arriving to the small village of Gjogv you will notice the parking areas. Park the car there and start walking down to the gorge. The most common view of the gorge is from the stairs and hiking a bit around the gorge gives you a good perspective of the picture square village. Take a walk between the small streets that surround this village and admire the small houses as well.

Day 5


Take the ferry to Suduroy early morning. The trip takes 2 hours one way. You will arrive to the village of Tvøroryi. Drive down to the south village called Sumba, but take the old road to the mountains, not on the first u turn but the second U turn stop the car and park. Walk towards the cliff ( to reach the cliff it takes only 5 minutes). You will see many sea stacks and many birds.

Skarvastakkur, Suduroy

Cliffs and sea stack on Suduroy islands


Now drive to a location called Akraberg. This is the south most point you can reach in the Faroes. There is a lighthouse and the cliffs are pretty as well.


Akraberg cliffs and light house.


Now drive down to the village called Sumba. These are the spots that I have explored until now, but there are so many other spots and to see them all you need to stay in Suduroy for at least 2 days. Go on google maps and take a look at the other villages. It is very easy to drive around because there is no traffic at all.

The 3 locations I listed will take you about 4 hours if you take the time to explore them.


South most village called Sumba.

Day 7

Mjauvatn, Leynavatn, Leynar, Skælingur, Kvívík, Vestmanna

Mjauvatn & Leynavatn

Just Out side Tórshavn on the way to the sea tunnel to Vágar there are 3 lakes. The first one is big and surrounded with mountains (Leynavatn) the other two (Mjauvatn) lakes are smaller and next to each other. One of the lakes have become one of my favorite “go to” location because of the small cabin next to a waterfall.

Mjauvatn & Leynavatn

  • Leynavatn

Leynar & Skælingur

As you can imagine, Leynavatn is a part of the village Leynar so they are very close to each other, but you still need a car to get there! When arriving to Leynar, the first thing you will notice is the beautiful beach with a background view of Vágar island. Notice the grass roof tops that are next to the beach. Driving further in you will end up to a smaller village called Skællingur.

Leynar & Skælingur

  • Á Skælingi


A picture perfect village that is one of the oldest villages in Faroe islands. My favorite spot is when parking the car on the main road to Vestmanna to get all the islands and mountains surrounding this historic village.




Just drive the mountain road until you reach the village. This first thing you notice is the beautiful mountains that surround this village. Vestmanna is also known for cliff watching. They make trips to see these huge cliffs that are 1500 feet high. This boat trip is guided and takes about 2 hours. It is important to order the tickets 2 weeks before you go.

Day 8

Klaksvik, Mount Klakkur, Kunoy, Hvannasund, Veidardi

Now you need to drive to Klaksvik and stay there for 2 days. When you settle in the hotel/hostel drive up to the mountain called Klakkur. Drive until you reach the end of the road and park the car there. This hike takes about 30 minutes to reach the top. The view from up there is just amazing, especially at summer time for the midnight sunset. You can see many islands when reaching the peak. 3 of them are Kalsoy, kunoy and Esturoy.


Kunoy island is only a few minutes away from Klaksvík. You need to go through a tunnel before you arrive to the main village. Kunoy has the 4th highest mountain called Kúvingafjall that is 830 meters high.

The view from Mount Klakkur, Kunoy island in the middle.

Mount Klakkur


Hvannasund is on an island called Vidoy. To reach this village you need to go to an island called bordoy through 2 tunnels and when you reach a village called Nordepil. Havnnasund is on the other side of the road. When you arrive to this small village, find the church by the ocean. It is worth stopping by and enjoy the view that this village has to offer.

Church of Hvannasund

Church of Hvannasund


From Hvannasund to Vidareidi is also just a couple of minutes by car. Basically you cross a tunnel and you arrive to the village. The first thing you’ll notice when arriving to this village is the high mountains that surround it. There are many hikes that you can do from this village. One of them is to the cliff called Cape Enniberg. Cape Enniberg is the second highest cliff in Europe at 754 meters. This hike takes about 6 hours so you need to be prepared with water and food. Don’t try to go on this hike on a windy day because it can get very dangerous up there.


Church of Viðareiði 2016

Day 9


You catch the ferry (Sam) from Klaksvík and a smart thing to do is to be early. If you are visiting in summer time the queue will be long. The trip takes about 20 minutes. You will arrive to a village called Syðradalur. Kalsoy has 4 small villages. They are connected by dark tunnels. The most popular areas are – The Seal-Woman Statue of Mikladalur and Kallur light house close to Trøllanes.

The Seal-Woman Statue of Mikladalur.

When Arriving in the small village of Mikladalur, you will see a small parking with a big sign where the statue is. Park the car and follow the sign. When you go down the stairs to the statue, take a look around the area. The cliffs and water ponds filled with moss are nice to look at.

The Seal Woman

The Seal Woman

Kallur lighthouse

Half way down to the village of Trøllanes you will see a small parking area next to a small red gate. Park the car there and make sure you CLOSE the gate so the sheep don’t go out. Start walking and follow the two old buildings. Keep on following the path until you reach the lighthouse. This hike takes about 40 minutes one way. The classic view of Kallur lighthouse is the photo that you see down below. Very IMPORTANT, if you don’t have a good hiking shoes, bad weather condition or afraid of heights. Don’t try to go on this small hill. There is maybe 2 feet on each side and then it goes down hill. If you fall you die. You can still see this amazing view from the lighthouse still nice.

Kallur lighthouse

Kallur Lighthouse, Kalsoy

Day 10

I’ll keep day 10 for you to decide. Maybe you did not manage to see all the places I listed here due to bad weather or maybe you want to revisit a place. I would suggest that you go back to Vagar island for the last day and visit Gásadalur for one last time. You can go up the hill behind the village and look at the magnificint view of the cliffs and Mykines island. There is also a coffee shop were you can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea etc.


I hope that this article help you find the places that you want to see in the Faroe islands. If you have any suggestion or questions about different places, just drop a line and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Happy hiking and exploring 🙂

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