Best hotel in the Faroe Islands. The Atlantic Swan and Atlantic Puffin

About halfway between Norway and Iceland and around two hundred miles of Scotland are the Faroe Islands. This is a beautiful and mesmerizing archipelago that spellbound you with its natural beauty and unmatched ecstasy of the Atlantic ocean. These islands are a famous tourist destination and the first thing that visitors look for is the best hotel in the Faroe Islands.
Although, the islands are located in the far north part of the hemisphere winters are mild. Therefore, they are accessible for tourist throughout the year and so it is important to book your hotel before you reach there.
Torshavn is the capital city and is best connected through all means of transportation. Atlantis Airways offer multiple flights to the Faroe Islands from Denmark, the UK, and Spain. The good thing is that transportation through city bus is free for tourists. So, for a tourist, it is very easy to reach the best hotel in the Faroe Islands without any problem.

Best places to stay in the Faroe Islands

As per actual feedback, there are two best apartments that give you the value of your money you spend on stay in these islands. The places mentioned below are very good for your stay and they offer flexible check-in and check-out. If you are looking for the best hotel in the Faroe Islands then this the review below is for you.

Atlantic Puffin the top destination

How about lying on a bed and watch the beautiful waves of AtlanticOcean? If this thrills you then Atlantic Puffin is the best place to experience it.
This three bedrooms, 2 baths, the huge, luxurious and well-furnished apartment is far better than any stay and the best hotel in the Faroe Islands. Unlike any hotel’s 30 by 30 fixed rooms, AtlanticPuffin offers you an unmatched luxury of 115 square meters. This is a big space with all amenities like Wi-Fi, modern heating system, TV with multiple channels, dish washer and washing machine.
Atlantic Puffin located 45-minute drive from Vagar airport and a 5-minute drive from the ferry terminal. If you are with a car the parking is just 2 meters away.
Live like a King, independent with all the luxuries to pamper yourself.You will fall in love with this place. Book the apartment now for an unforgettable experience.

Atlantic Swan the dreamland

You can have the feeling of a King’s lodge in Atlantic Swan too. Located just 43 minutes’ drive from Vagar airport and just a 5-minute drive from ferry terminal this highly accessible apartment is one of the favorites of the tourists.
This is a double floor apartment with all the luxuries and amenities you ever dreamed of. This place instantly becomes another home away from your own home. When you have another home and all the luxuries at your service then you will have everlasting memories of this heavenly beautiful place on earth.
The first floor has a big kitchen that gives you every opportunity to show your Master Chef skills to your partners. A spacious living room gives you the feeling of freedom. It has a dining room adjacent to the living room.
Upstairs are totally dedicated to the bedrooms so nothing disturbs you here.
Torshavn seafront is just a 10-minute walk and so it is the most popular destination for business travelers and vacationers. So what are you waiting for? Book your stay in Atlantic Swan.

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