Faroe Islands airport

The Faroe Islands are a very distant and beautiful place. This picturesque piece hid far away in the ocean. But even though it is so far away, it remains one of the most attractive places in the whole world. Unfortunately, you can not get here by car or train. But there is such a wonderful alternative as a ship or an airplane. The best option, of course, is the aircraft. This is the fastest and most comfortable way to get to the Faroe Islands.
On the Faroe Islands, there is only one international airport that connects this place with the rest of the world. From this place begins the tourists’ acquaintance with this incredibly beautiful archipelago. The Faroese airport is called Vagar. It is situated on the island of Voar, one of the largest islands of this archipelago. The Faroe Islands airport has not very big size as usually airports have. It is very small and compact. Purely for the reason that the Faroes are not a densely populated territory, there was no need to build a large airport. Vagar Airport is the base for the Faroese airline Atlantic Airways. It also represents one of the intermediate nodes of the Icelandic airline Icelandair. Airport management is carried out by the Civil Aviation Authority of Denmark.
The Faroe Islands airport is not only international. It also serves as a helipad for connection with other islands of the Faroese archipelago. It is very convenient because it is very difficult to travel to all the islands without special transport. You can use the ship or take care of your time and fly by helicopter.
The Faroe Islands airport is very compact and has a lot of advantages. It has a fairly typical structure for the airports, but something makes it more comfortable and different from others. Unlike other airports, Vagar is a very quiet place. There are no big crowds of people there, no long lines and the other things you can see at the airports.
Moreover, despite the fact that there is very little public transport, you can always get to the capital by bus. This bus is right next to the airport and takes everyone to the Torshavn.
If you want to get to your place of residence in the Faroe Islands without any problems, it is better to take care of it before the trip. As well as about local money. If you will not do this, you may find it difficult to navigate to where you need to go. Moreover, if you do not have local money, you can not even take a bus. Unfortunately, you have not an opportunity to exchange money in the Faroe Islands airport. The nearest exchanger is in the Sørvoavur village. It situated in two kilometers from the Vagar.

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