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Have you ever watched at Faroe Islands Map? If not you will be quite astonished when get acquainted with them!
The real jewel of the North, which in the past was confused with Atlantida several times. The Faroe Islands are mysterious land in the Atlantic Ocean. You can find them between Scotland and Iceland. The archipelago consists of 18 іslands in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean.
Torshavn is the capital and main islands’ harbor. It situates on the southwest coast of isle Streymoy (the biggest isle). Torshavn is very picturesque. The main part of the city is located on a ledge above the fjord. It opens an amazing view on mountains and steep cliffs. A complicated maze of small streets built up of colorful houses (green, white, orange, blue, red…).  City squares are not crowded. No matter what time is it, they are always empty and quiet. The main landmark of the city is the gothic Munkastavan monastery.
Other main islands are Eysturoy, Vagar, Sandoy, Bordoy, and Suduroy. The only significant uninhabited іsland is Litla Dimun.
The main landmark of Eysturoy is two boulders waggling under the oncoming waves.
Beautiful cliffs, hills and tiny villages give a unique flavor and uniqueness to Vagar.
In spite of numerous sand dunes, Sandoy has a lot of magnificent, emerald-green vegetation.
Bordoy is breathtaking. From a bird’s eye view, isle has a shape of a giant Poseidon trident.
West coast of isle Suduroy is foggy almost all year round. It is like a continuous line of cliffs. On Suduroy you can find good beaches, picturesque lakes and plenty villages and farms.
You can visit Fugloy – real bird island. There you can observe millions of bird flights.
Islands are well-known for their landscapes and beauty of virgin nature. According to “National Geographic” it is the cleanest place in the world. The Faroe Islands are the best choice for eco-tourism. Incredibly green, naturalistic, colorful land with a small population is the best place for relaxation in the bosom of nature.
The total area of islands is 1,399 square km. The highest point is peak Slættaratindur on islе Eysturoy its height is 882 m above sea level. The Faroe Islands are dotted with many fjords, there are and have a 1,117 km of rugged coastline. Islands are divided into 34 municipal administrations, including cities and villages. There are small lakes and rivers, but no major ones.
Due to strong winds, the major part of islands is treeless. Although there are plantings of conifers, maples and mountain ashes.
Islands have temperate sea climate, with chilly winter and cool windy summer. The weather is very unpredictable. It’s foggy almost every day. Water- and windproof coat, pullover, warm sweater, and gloves as well as sunglasses won’t be odd!
The best time to visit archipelago is summer. You can visit the coast at the bottom of a mountain Tidur. There you can enjoy black basalt sand beaches. Another variant is a fantastic volcanic sand beach near city Skalavig.
If you want to visit islands you have to go to Copenhagen.  Danish airport has 2-3 flights to Torshavn every day.  Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Great Britain airports have one flight a day. If you are from other countries, you will have a transfer in Copenhagen. That makes the trip longer, but this is a case when the end justifies the means.
The Faroe Islands fascinate. Their uniqueness is doubtless.
The Faroe Islands are not only “the edge of the world” and wild nature. They have rich cultural heritage. You will be pleased with Faroe musical groups, local kitchen, and designers.
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