The Faroe Islands are a place that will give unforgettable emotions!

I am a journalist. I treat to travel with incredible love and admiration. On my account, there are a lot of them. I will not tell you how wonderful it is to travel around the world. I think you already know that. But, also I worked hard to get my profession and become a journalist. The work that makes you permanently away from family and children sometimes tires. No, you do not think dear friends, I really really love my job!

“None of the adventure-rich journeys will not be forgotten. Traveling without adventure is not worth it for them to devote to books.

I want to tell you about my very interesting stay in the Faroe Islands. Do not be afraid, I will not write a book about this). But, I really want to share my impressions. What a pity that the first impression is no longer possible to live again. It’s good that I always have my faithful companion. Imagine, the stars, the moon, the incredible beauty of nature … and she- is my favorite video camera)))

We joked a little, but now seriously.

Faroe Islands – endless mountains, charming and shining waterfalls- still I’m dreaming. For 10 years of my work I have visited many beautiful places, but these islands have amazed me to the core. When I reached the top of the mountain Slættaratindur my spirit froze.
Slættaratindur is the highest mountain of the islands, its height is 880 meters. The walk is very steep, the way up takes about an hour. Down below there was a thick fog. I inhaled the air to my full breast and felt my lungs fill with absolute freshness and purity. I forgot all the problems that tormented me. This is amazing!

I stopped in the capital of the Faroe Islands.

At the Atlantic Puffin, there is satellite TV, free Wi-Fi, central heating, a dishwasher and a washing machine. There is everything for my convenience. I felt at home. It is a pity that my family is far away. They would fall in love with this charming island and beautiful hotel. Here is an excellent service and nice, smiling people. The apartment could be booked a few days before arrival. They were clean and cozy. It is very important for me. You can enjoy a wonderful breakfast on the terrace. A luxurious view will not leave you indifferent! You should definitely try the delicious local dishes.
I do not really like extreme walks, but here I made an exception. I swam on boats, riding horses, and even went fishing. Also on the Faroe Islands there are a lot of interesting places worth visiting. Art exhibitions, museums, monuments, various concerts, architectural buildings and much more. Just 100 meters from the hotel there is a playground.
Every morning after breakfast, walking along the seashore, I enjoyed the silence. Here you will not see city bustle and a lot of cars that pollute the air. Here begins a fairy tale! This is a paradise for writers, poets and artists. On the Faroe Islands, creative people can find for themselves an endless source of inspiration.
My acquaintance with the local culture was also successful. I received a huge dose of emotions and impressions. They will remain in my memory for life. I hope I’ll come back here! And for you, my dear friends, I have a few tips:
1) Buy a disposable grill in the supermarket, take vegetables and sausages. You can have a picnic on top of the mountain. Believe, you like it.
2) Pay attention to animals and birds. They are very nice, but do not go too close to the sheep). Some species of animals are found only on the island.
3) Be sure to try camping and go boating.
4) Local dishes are also worth your attention.
5) You can ask advice from local residents about interesting places. They are very kind and will always help.
6) Visit the hotel Atlantic Puffin, you will not regret your choice!
And most importantly, my favorite readers, if you decide to visit the Faroe Islands, be sure to take your family with you! They really will be delighted with such an interesting journey.

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