The Faroe Islands is a refuge for lovers

Familiarity with the Faroe Islands is usually successful. You will not be able to take your eyes off the incredible species for a long time. It is very difficult for some people to make a choice of a place for their holidays. After all, vacation is not as often as we would like! And every effort should be made to ensure that each of your holidays is special.
The Romantic Faroe Islands will give you wonderful memories. Especially such a trip will suit couples who crave adventures. If you are fans of adrenaline, then welcome to our island.
Residents of our island will always be happy to see new tourists. The kindness and sincerity of our people will surprise you. Visiting the local villages, you can hear many interesting legends and stories. Be sure to ask advice from older residents about interesting places that you can visit. Here, on the island, you will always find where to stay for the night, in extreme cases, you can spend the night in a tent.
Horses are one of the favorite animals on the island. Here they also found their paradise for themselves. With your soul beloved mate, you can arrange a horse ride. Such a walk will give you unforgettable and picturesque views. Enjoy a refreshing walk on the beach – it’s very romantic!
The mountains and caves here are so powerful and unique. Many couples visit the Faroe Islands, for would make offers of the hand and heart and even get married. It is amazing! You can make an offer of your beloved directly on the ship, surrounded by waves of the sea and mountains. Similarly, if you are nature lovers and do not want to spend your honeymoon in the city’s bustle, the islands are a great choice for you.
In order to go on a camping trip, be sure to Invite a person who knows the area well. Such an adventure as camping will not leave anyone indifferent. Just do not forget to bring your camera! You can have a great picnic on top of one and the mountains. To light a fire and fry your favorite sausages with vegetables. If you plan to stay in the mountains with an overnight stay, buy a cream from mosquitoes and take a tent. My advice: be sure to lift your head to the top and look at the night sky, you will not regret. Such a huge number of stars you have never seen in your life. The Faroe Islands are a refuge for people who want to be alone with their beloved.
If you have already enjoyed wonderful views and nature, go to the center. Torshavn – the capital and the largest business shopping center of the Faroe Islands, is located in the southern part of the eastern coast of the island of Strømø. You can visit restaurants with local cuisine or arrange shopping. Traditional Faroese culinary art is based on meat (lamb), fish, sheep cheese and potatoes, and uses a lot of fresh vegetables. Recently, quite a specific local cuisine is increasingly giving way to international cuisine, so institutions with “purely Faroese” dishes are less and less. Only at home, local people retain elements of the Old Norse tradition with its simple and hearty cuisine, simple recipes and a limited choice of products. A characteristic feature is also the low consumption of salt.
You can not return home without visiting the museums and other attractions of our island. The National Museum of the Faroe Islands is one of the best museums.
It is worth to visit Nordic House – an interesting building with a covered peat roof, which is now used as a theater, concert and exhibition hall, and places various exhibitions, there is even a library and a cafeteria.
The city of Kirkjubyo is on the south coast of the island and is literally a collection of impressive ruins. The largest and most striking object here is the Magnus Cathedral. Local churches were built with various elements of the Faroese style.
It is very difficult to list all the interesting places on the islands. Not surprisingly, according to a study conducted by the National Geographic Traveler, the Faroe Islands are named one of the best tourist areas of the planet. Experts note the perfectly preserved nature, the good nature of the local people, delicious cuisine, as well as a rich cultural heritage.
Therefore, in order to have time to see all the sights of the Faroe Islands, you need to carefully plan your vacation. And the first thing you need to do is to book an apartment in one of the best hotels on the island.

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