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A holiday in the Faroe Islands is the perfect getaway for you if you like adventurous and unique breaks. Nestled between Norway and Iceland, Faroe Island is roughly two hundred miles from Scotland.
A dream destination for many looking for a quiet and peaceful stay, this is one of Europe’s most sought after touring spots. The Lonely Planet refers to it as the Forgotten Faroes but this small archipelago is buzzing with life, culture and music. It is a paradise for birdwatchers and hikers.
Essentially an archipelago of 18 volcanic islands, Faroe Islands is pretty well connected with rest of Europe. There are ferries, bridges as well as road tunnels connecting the island with the main cities in Denmark and UK.

Where To Go?

It is wild, windy and has an air of mystery all about it. The steep cliffs, the endless grass covers, the little row of houses make for a setting straight out of the picture postcards and rather idyllic. But the question is if you are planning a holiday in the Faroe Islands, where should you go?
A quick search on some of the top travel sites and tourist feedback will tell you that rental Holiday Apartments is one of the best options. Groups like The Atlantic Swan offer affordable yet luxurious apartments on rent. They are located in Torshavn, the capital city and very well connected with the rest of Europe.
You can easily make a base in one of these apartments and plan your entire tour of the island from there on. They help you enjoy the spectacular natural charm of Faroe Islands as well its lively food culture. On the one hand, you have access to the pristine natural beauty and on the other, all modern amenities like WIFI and electricity are a click away.
The best part of the deal is you can easily make the bookings on online and all your needs for the perfect holiday in the Faroe Islands will be taken care of. Customer satisfaction is one of their primary mottoes.
Every apartment is a self-sufficient unit packed with all amenities that tourist might need. In short, you simply have to think about a service and Atlantic Swan has already provided for it.

Ideal For Family

What is particularly interesting is Faroe is for Family. Almost every member of your family, the kids, the adults and the aged, all have something of interest here. The facilities offered by Atlantic Swan is like an icing on the cake. They make sure that every guest gets individual attention and customized service.
If holidays are all about happy memories than no one really does it better. Be it the smile on your kid’s face or the happiness in your partner’s eyes, the Atlantic Swan adds to it in every possible way.

Make A Booking Today

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a unique, memorable and adventurous holiday, a holiday in the Faroe Islands is the answer. You simply have to log in and make your bookings. As you step into the Faroe Islands, Atlantic Swan ensures you experience the wonders of nature and the rustic charm without compromising your urban comforts.

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