Holidays in the Faroe Islands. Travel tips.

About halfway between Iceland and Norway are the magical Faroe Islands. Where the weather boasts a very short summer and for the most part of the year it is wet and windy. This, however, does not detract the magnificence that these islands promise any adventure seeker. Islands promise a unique and authentic adventure for any kind of holiday maker. Around the islands, there are friendly Information Offices assisting tourists with travel tips ensuring your trip is a success.
For the complete nature lover wanting to catch the millions of migrating seabirds which typically nest over the Bugvin archipelago we highly recommend that holidays in the Faroe Islands are taken in the short summer. Another travel tip is for the avid hikers going on holidays in the Faroe Islands. The recommended to do this the summer primarily as there are only a few hours of darkness, hikes can continue way into the night.
The Faroe Islands boast plentiful walking routes for all levels and abilities for the most superb unspoiled natural environment. OneĀ of our travel tips when hiking in these parts is to get a professional guide. He will ensure you do not miss the beautiful routes to the surrounding villages but promises of many tales and stories along the way. Holidays in the Faroe Islands cater for those who seek a cultural experience as well. The people of the Faroe Islands take enormous pride in the knitting industry, boating, language and their grass roofed stone houses.
There are plenty museums that can be found around the islands with loads of stories and exhibitions on the Faroese way of life and handicrafts.
For tourist looking for a bird’s eye view of the Faroe Islands, helicopter rides around the islands are offered, allowing tourists to reach isolated parts of the Islands. To you is to note the isolated village of Mykines which is home to the 10 people.
If you enjoy fishing then our travel tips are for you to bring your rods or perhaps hire some. Fishing is a popular activity amongst the locals and you too can enjoy a little angling. The lake is surrounded by steep mountains affording a serene environment. Fishing from the shore or from a boat will most certainly assist you in reaching a sense of tranquility.
For the more adrenalin seekers holiday in the Faroe Islands offer interesting activities.The diving in clear waters exploring the underworld, kayaking around the islands, abseiling from cliffs into the water to name but a few. For the less rigorous adventure, horseback riding. Is an activity you can engage affording you the opportunity to get closer to nature.
The city Torshavn, exudes city life providing beauty salons, inter coiffure salons, designer shops, high-end jewelry to name but a few. The little cafes by the harbor are mesmerizing hosting ample cultural events and concerts. The streets are vibrant packed with Scandinavian culture and spirit.
For the food connoisseurs, you won’t be left disappointed. Boasting its own Michelin-starred restaurant, Koks, located in the village of Kirkjubour swaggering a 16-course tasting menu that has been foraged possibly even meters from your table, may prove a challenge in getting a reservation. Holidays in the Faroe islands are diverse. Relaxing and most certainly provide an unexplored, unspoiled and most certainly an unbelievable holiday experience.

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