Interesting places in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is a pretty and quiet place on our planet. There is no city bustle, rush and other problems of everyday life. People come here to enjoy life, to calm down and get new energy. But even there you will not be bored. There is always something to do here. One of them is a journey in the Faroe Islands.
Traveling around the islands, you can enjoy many beautiful places. There are picturesque landscapes, beautiful seascapes and other places where you can find inspiration. There are a lot of interesting places in the Faroe Islands you can visit at every time.
We found 6 places and points of attraction, which will surely be enough for the first visit to see the most interesting places in the Faroe Islands. And get your own impression of the greatness and beauty of the archipelago, located in the ocean – somewhere halfway from Denmark to Iceland.
One of the most interesting places in the Faroe Islands is the Tindhölmur Island. It is a small island located between the larger islands of Vagar and Michenes. Interesting in that it has a peaked mountain peak, which occupies almost the whole area of Tindhölmur. A stunning view of this small piece of land opens out of the Bour settlement, which is on the neighboring island. But the best Tindhölmur can be seen from a helicopter or ferry.
The next interesting places in the Faroe Islands are The village of Gasadalur and the village of Chednuviuq.
The village of Gasadalur is located near the airport of Vagar. This is one of the most popular and interesting places in the Faroe Islands. Despite this, more than three people you will never meet here. The small houses of this village are located on top of the cliff near the waterfall, the water of which falls right into the ocean. This place will seem like a paradise for introverts and people who love silence and loneliness.
The village of Chednuviuq is a small village located on the territory of the island of Streimoy. The village is in a beautiful harbor, which is surrounded by mountain peaks on all sides. Here you can see another attraction of the Faroe Archipelago – two sea cliffs. Against the background of the mountains, they may seem just tiny. But if you approach them closer, it turns out that their height reaches 70 meters.
On the way to this beautiful village, you can see the Fossa waterfall, which is the largest on the Faroe Islands.
The Sørvogswatn Lake also in one of the most interesting places in the Faroe Islands. Tourists can see this lake even during the landing. Local residents gave Sørvogswatn and another name – “hanging lake”. This is due to the fact that the lake is almost above the ocean. And if you look at it from a certain point, it creates the illusion that the lake hangs over the ocean surface.
You also need to visit such interesting places in the Faroe Islands as Fugla Island and Michis Island. These are the places of peace and harmony.
The Fugla Island is the place where you can feel and understand what a Faroese life is. The streets here are usually deserted. You can meet locals only when the ferry approaches the pier, and almost the whole village comes out to meet it. In the rest of the time, solitude and calm reign here. It may appear that the surrounding houses are empty, and you are the only person on this earth. But this does not cause a sense of fear, only pacification, and melancholy.
Like other attractions of the Faroe Islands, Michis Island can be called a real gem of the archipelago. In the summer, photographers and nature lovers from all corners of the globe come here. Firstly, the island is attractive with beautiful landscapes. Numerous paths lead directly to high cliffs and mountain cliffs. For many, this is enough to visit the Faeroes. But there is one more reason.

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