Nature of the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a place of fabulous beauty. This is amazing, but the nature of the Faroe Islands has remained untouched by humans. These islands retained their primordial beauty and uniqueness. Here you can see the unique landscapes that were created by nature. Unlike our countries, where it is created artificially. Therefore, if you are interested in seeing the real beauty of nature – welcome to the Faroe Islands.
On the Faroe Islands come those who are tired of everyday life. Those who need a break from the fast pace of life and responsibilities. Here people are immersed in their own thoughts. On these islands, you can understand that life is very different. Someone is trying to earn as much as possible and is happy with the new deal. Here people live for their own pleasure and rejoice over the sun that has come out from behind the clouds. There are completely different concepts of life on the Faroe Islands.

The nature of the Faroe Islands fascinates you even before you land on the ground.

Looking at the airplane window, you can immediately fall in love with the beauty of this place. It seems that you are in a fairy tale. Or transferred a few thousand years ago. The Faroe Islands are completely different from the rest of the world. These are rogue islands, always live a separate life.
The first thing you see on the Faroe Islands is the endless valleys and high mountains. They are all completely green. The grass covers almost completely. All eighteen islands of this archipelago. That’s why it’s so beautiful here. The grass grows not only on the ground but also on rocks and on mountains. This creates a special beauty of this place. The nature of the Faroe Islands is very picturesque. In the middle of the valleys, you can find lakes with crystal clear water, watch the high and beautiful waterfalls. You can also see unusual caves, both in the mountains on land and in the sea. This is a real paradise for a mountaineer or just a person who loves such beautiful places.
The Faroe Islands are also called sheep islands. This is because sheep are everywhere. Near roads, on the slopes of mountains, in valleys, in towns and villages. It seems that there are more sheep here than people. Although perhaps it’s true. On the Faroe Islands, locals say that earlier, to mow the grass on the roof of houses, a sheep was allowed to enter the roof. It is not known how true this is, but they say so. Whatever one may say, this is the attraction of the Faroe Islands.

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