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Things you’ve never heard about the Faroe islands
The Faroe islands are a picturesque part of the world, well-known for its magnificent views. But what do we know about this almost independent territory under the authority of Denmark other than it is a very beautiful place? How many people live there? How many prisons are there? How many traffic lights?
When you see The Faroes in the first time you become astonished with its beauty. This beauty isn’t tropical bright but northern grey, silent, even primitive. Covered with green mountains’ peaks, hidden behind the steel clouds and the same steel water in bays.
Black sheep’s islands – no people but just the ocean in hundreds of km. Roads are very deserted, you can go kilometers and don’t meet a car. That’s why hick hiking is not the best idea.
You can use one of the several free bus routes, which will easily help you to discover the capital. But not all buses are free, and in fact, the Faroe islands are very expensive holiday destination.  They are separated from the continent, that’s why prices are too high for ordinary tourist. For example, the cheapest bus from the airport costs 16 Euro. But it’s not the most frightening thing. Which is, is that you can pay for ticket only in faroese crones and it’s hardly possible to exchange them in the airport.
Shocking fact about the Faroe islands is that there are only 3 traffic lights, and all of them are in Torshavn.  Can you imagine this?
Population of these islands are only 50 000 people, maybe this is a reason why they don’t need so many traffic lights.
For local people The Faroe islands are the center of the world. The most important place in the universe, where all essential is happening. So that’s not a surprise that 45 000 people consider islands to be a mysterious Atlantida.
Despite the atmosphere of loneliness, isolation and estrangement, locals are very friendly, generous, hospitable and warm-hearted. This is why Faroe people are very tolerant about everything new in their life.
Local people don’t lock their houses and they even don’t understand why it is important to do so. So if you rent a room or house don’t be surprised when you won’t get a key. The reason of such carelessness is that there are no prisons because there are no criminals. The only breaches are drunk drivings. Which happens once in a blue moon.
As it was mentioned above on the Faroe islands no one will take someone else’s stuff. If you, for example, leave you bike near the shop, no one will touch it. If you lost your wallet,  it will 100% returned to you, or it will be left in the nearest shop/café/restaurant, so it will be easier for you to find it!
If you are interested in local cuisine you have to taste the most famous and decadent delicacy: sheep’s head.  You can buy it in Torshavn in supermarket called SMS, also you can find it in several small shops.
Traditional Faroe meals are simple, but very alluring, but by modern standards they can’t be called healthy. Faroese themselves prefer unsalted and fat meat, in particular – the lamb and from vegetables – potatoes. For breakfast you have to try on Smorrebrod (a multilayered sandwich with butter and meat, which is eaten with cutlery).  For lunch – soup with  dried cod and lamb kidneys. For dinner – pie with sea parrot meat, rhubarb and potatoes.
But if you don’t want to do experiments, there are some European restaurants.
In local shops you will be confused because of widest breadth of products. There are a lot of seafood, venison and local fish. You will hardly find these fish somewhere else.
It’s quite a problem to buy alcohol there. In Torshavn there is only ONE shop where you can buy beer, wine and vodka. The prices are really high, and there are some limits about quantity. For example, beer sells only in the amount which is multiple to six.
If you a fan of fast food I have a bad new for use. The Faroe islands is the only country in the world where there is no  McDonalds restaurants. But you can enjoy burgers in the exclusive Burger King in Torshavn.
When you pack your bags be sure that you took everything from T-shirts to raincoat. The weather on the islands changes so fast, that locals have a great proverb: “If you don’t like the weather – wait 5 minutes”.
3 things you have to do when you are on the Faroe islands:

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