Travel the Faroe Islands

If you are looking of traveling an unusually beautiful piece of world – Faroe Islands are the best place for your holidays. You will spend your time there with pleasure. The Faroe Islands are for people who want to escape big city life and enjoy the beauty of nature. It is one of the most impressive places in the Earth. You can see there a lot of long valleys, deep rivers and beautiful mountains. You can find a large number of unique species of plants and animals living only there. You will be happy to see an impressive landscape and breathtaking sea horizon.
Although it is not hot here, the Faroe Islands are not worse than other popular resorts in the Earth. There is a lot of activities you can do there. You will be not disappointed with your business trip or holidays in these islands.
You can travel the Faroe Islands alone or in company with your beloved family. Your relatives will be very happy and thankful for your selection. It also can be a trip with your business partners. There are a lot of activities you can do there. Your holidays or business trip will be grateful.
If you want to travel the Faroe Islands, “The Island of birds” is a top location you need to visit. You will enjoy a lot of unusual species of birds, which are living there. You will like to watch for unique birds, who live on the hillside. You also can see many beautiful species of plants and threes. If you are real connoisseur of nature – you obligatorily need to visit this island.
As for other islands, there are a lot of full of interest ones. If you want to make your travel the Faroe Islands more impressive, you need to visit them. On the island called “Vioi” there is one of the highest rocks in Europe called Enniberg. A lot of people for many decades unsuccessfully try to conquer it. On the island of Kalsoy you can see Trtilkonufingur, “Trollchikha’s finger”.  Fishing anglers should go to the island of Strima. There is the most fertile lake Pollur. There you can catch not only banal salmon, but also large halibuts and eels. The island of Vagar is famous for the Slave rock with a lake high up in the mountains. The water from it flows over a rocky cliff near the village of Gasadapur and breaks straight into the ocean. On the island of Nolsoy there are large seal rookeries – also an incredible picture.
If you really enjoy active rest you need to travel the Faroe Islands by bicycle. You can get to the hard-to-reach places on these islands you can’t get by car.
The own culture of these Islands has developed far from the civilization of big European countries. That’s why it has retained its exclusivity and feature. This is a whimsical mix of Danish and its own cultural heritage. For example, Faroese round dance is a very special phenomenon, without which there is not a single entertainment event. You can see it at the festival that once baptized Norway’s St. Olaf at the end of July.
If you really want to enjoy your travel the Faroe Islands you need to perform three tasks. They are:

  1. To buy a coil of a thread of local sheep’s wool and give it as a present to your beloved grandmother.
  2. To get to the Scopun on the Sandoy island. Here is the largest box for a post in the world. This is a tremendous blue construction in several human growths. You need to do a photography near this mailbox, otherwise, no one will trust your words.
  3. To eat local dishes of dried meat and dried fish. You will enjoy dried meat of whale and dried meat of local sheeps. There are a dozen ways to dry meat and fish in the Faroe Islands, sometimes for a year.

The Faroe Islands are the place people want to come back again and again. Don’t miss your chance to get some good impressions for your life.

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