The weather in the Faroe Islands

If you decide to take a break from the hot resorts – welcome to the Faroe Islands. Some people don’t like warm places. They want to have a rest in different places. If you are one of them – it is an ideal option for you. It is not hot there. You will be completely satisfied with these islands. The weather in the Faroe Islands has a mild maritime climate. Every season is very good for traveling there. Winter here is always warm, and the summer is always cool and damp. The lowest temperature there can be felt in January. The temperature in winter can drop to 0 ° C. The highest temperature in the Faroe Islands in July. At this time of summer, the temperature reaches 17 ° C. The boundaries of the seasons of the year are felt here very poorly. The temperature amplitude between summer and winter is not much different. The Faroe Islands sometimes experience the strongest storm conditions. This is affected by their location between Scotland and Iceland, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.
The weather in the Faroe Islands is somewhat different from other Scandinavian countries. Here a little cooler, the winters are longer, and in summer the breeze blows more often. In the Faroe Islands, there are clouds, and the sun shines less often in summer. Clear sunlight on the islands shines only about 4 hours a day, especially in the summer months. A clear sunny day on the islands can often sharply change to a strong nebula, sometimes accompanied by small rains. It is normal changes for the climate in the Faroe Islands.
Due to the fact that the island has a lot of rain, there are almost no trees and forests. The islands are completely covered with valleys. Thanks to that the Faroe Islands are unusual. It is the place people enjoy more than all others.
The climate of the Faroe Islands is characterized by a large amount of precipitation. The weather in the Faroe Islands as usually is rainy and drizzly there. Most rains are in the interval from September to January. Rains in the Faroe Islands go about 280 days a year. Strong winds blow there predominantly in winter. Humidity is also very high here. There is almost no snow in these islands. This is a very rare phenomenon for the Faroe Islands.
If you like the atmosphere of mystery – you will really like these islands. Constant fogs give a certain atmosphere of romance. They always give charm to these islands. These fogs over the mountains give the impression that the mountains are endless. Thanks to the weather in the Faroe Islands you will feel like in a real fairy tale.
The Faroe Islands are situated in the center of the Gulfstream flow. Due to this, the weather in the Faroe Islands is a bit warmer than would be expected in such a region of the Earth. It makes the Faroe Islands unusual. The average water temperature here is about + 10 ° C. All this makes the climatic conditions softer. Also here is the ideal place for living for many species of fish. This is very good for fishing enthusiasts and professional fishermen. All conditions for fishing have been created here. Due to the fact that there is warm and clear water, it is very good opportunity for diving.  
Let here and not hot, but it will not interfere you to have a good rest. What is more, it will be the best rest in your life. You can do a lot of activities in the Faroe Islands. The local weather will only help you with it. It makes you feel unusual. Like you are in an another world. The weather in the Faroe Islands сreates an unusual atmosphere of your journey and rest. We are sure that you should come to the Faroe Islands. The weather in these islands will make your traveling unforgettable.  

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