Where are the Faroe islands?

Where are the Faroe islands?They are located in the north of the Atlantic ocean; these 18 islands are noted for their rugged beauty, amazing scenery, varied wildlife and comfortable year-round climate, making them a haven for holidaymakers who enjoy getting out in the great outdoors on their getaways.
The islands can be reached in a couple of hours from both the UK and mainland Europe, and with each destination boasting its personality, the choice is yours over where you enjoy Faroe Island holidays.
Those who like rural seclusion and are searching for a holiday really off the beaten track will not find it difficult to book a remote cottage ideal for using as a base to explore the islands on foot. With some 1,300 kilometers of coastline in the Faroe Islands, you will be spoiled for choice over the best place to explore on two feet.

The wildlife

While you wander around the coast of these stunning islands, keep an eye out for the varied wildlife that can be found. Many native flowers and plants can be spotted as can a wide variety of birds of prey. Look out to the waters of the Atlantic and you may even spot a dolphin.
One animal which you will have no trouble seeing is sheep. These creatures outnumber the population of the island by factor two, so in some spots, you may be more likely to run into a furry companion than another person enjoying the outdoor space.
If you are looking for where are the Faroe islands holiday which combines the best of both worlds and offers as much rest as you like but also the chance to enjoy a night out and a shopping trip or two, Streymoy is the best place to head.
The largest out of all 18 Faroe Islands, Streymoy is also home to the area’s capital, Torshavn. The town has around 19,800 inhabitants and like any other capital has a wide variety of bars, restaurants, shops and coffee houses.
For a cosmopolitan night out, why not ask where are the Faroe islands and head there.Alternatively, sample the Nordic-tinged food which can be seen on many of Torshavn’s restaurant menus.
Many residents of the Faroe Islands can speak multiple languages including Faroese, Danish, other Nordic languages and English as well.

The weather

The weather is often unpredictable thanks to where are the Faroe islands located; it is also this location that keeps the weather quite temperate with moderate temperatures year-round and only occasional, short-lived snowfall during the coolest winter months.
The Faroe Islands offer very diverse opportunities, ranging from fine dining on fresh Nordic cuisine in its cultural hubs, including its capital city of T├│rshavn, bird watching along the coast, as well as fishing and a host of other leisure activities on land. Of all the activities available for visitors of the Faroe Islands, one of the most popular is bird watching, and for a good reason. A remote location, the Faroe Islands see the arrival of millions of migrating birds each year to breed including its most famous resident, the Puffin. A friendly and inquisitive bird, bird watchers to the Faroe Islands are often able to get close enough to get amazing photos.
All birds aside, there is much more to enjoy here as well including hiking, historic and archeological sites of significance and many unique and fun events such as the annual knitting festival, which is held each April.
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